Get more screen space on Mac

As a coder working on a laptop I can always use some more vertical screen space.

I just found out about this setting. You go to: System Preferences › General › Check ‘Automatically hide and show the menu bar’.


An extra row of space unlocked! In a few hours you won’t miss the menu bar, the same way as with the dock.

You do already show/hide your dock automatically don’t you?

iPhone 5s

iphone5sThanks to Amazon’s latest 5-day sale the iPhone 5s was within my budget & I grabbed one for Rs 17799/-.

Good to upgrade from my 4 year old iPhone 3gs.

More devices at my disposal to test responsive website development work.

macOS Sierra


So updated both our MacBook Pro & MacBook Air to macOS Sierra as soon as it was available. Will be discovering new features gradually over the weeks.

I have been collecting OSX installer files ever since I switched to Macs. Now my collection looks like this:


The trick to get these installer files is to go to “Applications” folder right after download is complete and find, copy the installer file to another spot on your computer, because as soon as installation is done this file gets deleted from Applications folder. It also comes in handy if you have multiple machines to update without repeated download.


Wow PayPal!

I never thought I will say this but I am loving me some PayPal right now! They deposited some money in my account with the following message:

Dear Merchant, we noticed that there was a small discrepancy in the calculation of your fee for PayPal services for a brief period of time. This difference is being credited to your PayPal ac.

The thing is, few months ago I had noticed on PayPal website about them offering slightly discounted merchant rate [from 4.4% to 3.9%] if your monthly sales volume was above a certain amount. I was eligible so I had applied for it. But I didn’t follow up after that to check what rate of fee I was being charged, because for a freelancer PayPal fee is just one of those things in life that you can not avoid, so best to accept, forget & move on.

Now it seems they might have continued with taking more fees from me for some time, they realized it after a few months, and today refunded me the extra charges taken. I am so glad that PayPal is cleaning up its act & trying to be more friendly towards us small business owners.

Emmet for Coda is available again

emmet_codaToday I was going through the Coda plugin repository and found out the coding help toolkit Emmet is again available for Coda. I am so happy!

I used to be a heavy user of Emmet back in the day when it was still called ZenCoding & was hosted on a Google Code page. I used to use it with TextMate first and then later with Coda. It was such a fine tool, helping me code HTML & CSS faster.

Then when Coda updated to a new version both of them became incompatible with each other. It broke my heart. I would check for an update on both of their sites every other month, but this incompatibility continued for years, which forced me to forget about it & lose all hopes of getting it back into my web development workflow ever again.

Well let’s just say today I have started believing in miracles once again. This is no less wonderful than getting your long lost first love back & they’re still into you!

iOS 10

iosUpdated my iPad (mini 4) to iOS 10 last night. Looks good. I don’t use much of the features it provides anyways, mostly use it for browser testing.

Security audit, getting burned by LastPass, moving away from Dropbox

I used to keep all my online account username/password details in a free account with LastPass, it worked pretty well, until last year one fine morning it stopped accepting my master password & I could not recover the account. As a result I had to reset a lot of web accounts over the period of few months & completely lost a few accounts.

And now with the recent news of Dropbox’s security being compromised, I started wondering what good are these online tools if they themselves are not safe, and can even lock me out of accessing my own data without any reason.

I had stopped installing Dropbox on my mobile long ago as I have a long history of losing my phones. For that matter I don’t have any useful data on my mobile except Contacts. My smart phone has always been kept as a dumb phone on purpose.

The only place I have Dropbox installed is on my laptop. And I used to live in it, with all my data inside the Dropbox folder.

But now I am taking matters into my own hands. Today I moved all my important stuff out of Dropbox, leaving only the Screenshots folder & folders shared with other Dropbox users which don’t have anything critical.

Now storing all mission critical data offline on the computer, doing daily backups to a 1TB time machine drive. Simple, very effective, easy to recover.

“Go To WP Admin” Chrome extension updated

wordpress_icon2/3 years ago I had created a Google Chrome extension that helps one easily visit a WordPress site’s WP Admin section just by clicking a button, without having to type /wp-admin/ in the browser address bar. This was primarily to scratch my own itch as I need to visit various WordPress site’s Admin sections all day, everyday.

But it only worked when you’re at the root of the domain, not on a page. I was happy that some 78 odd people used it apart from me. Recently when I visited the extension’s page on Chrome Web Store I saw an user has suggested to make it work when you’re on any page. So I tried & was able to do that. Updated the extension to version 2.

Here is a link to the said extension – Go To WP Admin, hope you’ll find it useful.

First post

10 years ago in 2006 I used to have a blog, it was mildly popular amongst my friends, I was mostly writing about technology tips, and it was also warming up to occasional organic search engine visitors. You see the name was also clever – instead of saying “my two cents” it was saying “two bytes” which was like my 2-cents worth of digital words. And then one fine day I deleted it on a whim, moved on with my career, time passed by.

Sometimes I wonder if I had continued with that blog, what a massive archive it would have become by now! A decade worth of content.

After that over the years I have tried making several blogs on different domains, but never sticked to any long enough. Always ended up deleting them after a few months.

I also used to be a heavy user of FriendFeed until it was killed. After that I could never trust Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc enough. There is something about publishing & owning your own content that these platforms can not provide.

Well anyways I believe its better late than never. So from now onwards wherever I go, whatever I do, I will continue blogging here. Looking forward to a decade worth of content.