Amazon Prime Video

I signed up for a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime Video. I am still on the trial period but its looking good. I will pay Rs 499 for an annual subscription.

I used to consume quite a bit of movies, thats one of my favourite past times. But these days due to busy work I am only able to watch movies or TV shows while having lunch & dinner, so I watch them in parts. And it gets cumbersome to download torrents of things I want to see, find the right subtitle files for them, keep them organized in folders.

Prime Video solves that problem for me, instant access to a good library of HD videos with subtitles, an affordable plan, no extra device required. Additionally not having to pirate anything is a conscience cleanser.

It seems like worth it. Hopefully the collection of videos will grow over time.


Have started using TransferWise to receive client payments instead of PayPal. Its great!

TransferWise takes around 0.9% in fees while PayPal takes around 4.5%. And the conversation rate is great too.

MacBook Bro

Today marks 6 years of my Macbook Pro, purchased on 13th April 2011.

Even though its got a vertical dead pixel line, some keys have lost their color,  optical drive long gone, on its 3rd power charger now, but it is still going strong, earning me bread n butter everyday.

Let’s see how many more years of computing I can get out of this beastie.

That is a true friend, a real bro.

Going easy on news consumption

Until now I used to watch Twitter accounts of local, national & international news channels, and then throughout the day I would visit other aggregator sites which link me to variety of news articles.

But I notice the most important & actually useful news always have a way to surface and reach me. I don’t have to be constantly tracking various sources for in depth, wide range of news.

So I have decided to reduce the amount of news I consume.

My morning newspaper in local language and our national news channel in the night is enough.

What does focus mean?

It means to ignore or cut down many things, in order to concentrate on a few things.

Sometimes those many things might feel important, but they are not. You already know what is most important to you. You just have to be truthful to yourself.

Rest is just noise.

King’s Office

We all know that the Tiger is the king of the jungle. But he was getting increasingly busy with all the work there is to do by being the king.

So he decided to hire some staff, a rabbit to be his personal secretary, a deer as financial advisor, an elephant to be his minister & so on.

But the first day his staff members came in the tiger ate them all. Do you know why?

Because the first day at the office was called Meat The Staff.

(Yeah I know, I would make a terrible children’s book writer.)

Indian Budget 2017

Best budget I have ever heard in my life time, and I have heard a lot of budgets.

Thanks Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi & Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley!

Hyderabad Airport Lodge

If you wanted to sleep at the Hyderabad airport, there are a couple of options.

There is a Transit Hotel right near the exit of the airport. It should set you back by few thousand rupees.

There is another hotel by Novotel nearby which seems like a 5-star hotel, so prices should be accordingly.

But if you wanted a frugal option, there is a lodge right within the compounds of the airport, less than 1KM from the exit.

Visit the official website of the airport, click on the others tab – you’ll see the prices:

But that page does not have any more info. We found the rest on our own after arriving at the airport which I’ll share here.

This lodge is on the first floor of a building whose ground floor functions as a stop for people to wait for buses to the city, there is a food outlet with limited menu [thali & chicken biryani etc], 2/3 conveyance stores, a gents barber shop, a HDFC ATM etc.

How to reach there:

There is a (truly) 24 hour free shuttle bus service between the airport & this bus stop/lodge. Walk out of the airport, look up to locate a tall pole with India flag on it, walk near it & wait for the free shuttle bus. It drops you directly at the lodge building, no other stops. Go inside the building, go up the staircase on the left & find yourself at the lodge lobby. You’ll need to provide ID & next flight’s details to book accommodation.

We have stayed in both deluxe room & dormitory, both are clean and well maintained, we have arrived/left in both regular times as well as late night/early morning, staff is available 24/7 and they are friendly.

It feels more hassle than it really is, we took a chance & were very happy to get much needed rest during long connecting flights. We’ll definitely stay there again if needed.

You can also call them on +914024008371.


We went to Singapore for 2 weeks to celebrate New Year. What a magnificent country and such awesome people!

This was also our first time staying in an AirBnb accommodation which went very well due the great host.

I would love to go back any day in a heartbeat.

Personalize HDFC User ID

I recently noticed HDFC bank has added an option to set a customizable User ID to login to NetBanking! Prior to this you always logged in using your 8 digit Customer ID number which was cumbersome to remember. This is better. ICICI bank already does this.

hdfc_user_idThis option to change from Customer ID to User ID is available on top navigation of the screen after you login to your NetBanking account.