November 2016

Personalize HDFC User ID

I recently noticed HDFC bank has added an option to set a customizable User ID to login to NetBanking! Prior to this you always logged in using your 8 digit Customer ID number which was cumbersome to remember. This is better. ICICI bank already does this.

hdfc_user_idThis option to change from Customer ID to User ID is available on top navigation of the screen after you login to your NetBanking account.

HDFC Fuel Surcharge Reversal

One thing I have recently noticed regarding refunding of fuel surcharges, the extra amount that is taken from you when you pay for petrol/diesel at fuel pumps using your debit/credit card is this:

If you pay for it via HDFC credit card, then it takes away some amount, say x rupees. But after few days when the bank refunds you the amount it won’t be whole of that x rupees. The bank keeps a small amount from that for itself.

But when you pay using a HDFC debit card, the amount that you are charged is completely refunded back to you, to the very last paisa!

Now I don’t know the reasoning behind this, but this is correct atleast for the EasyShop Business Debit Card (MasterCard) that I got.

This photo is small and your profile picture will be less clear.

Facebook shows this warning message when you try to upload a 180/180px profile picture which is the recommended size.

By inspecting the image shown in the preview window you’ll notice it is stretched to 320px.

So the solution is to upload a 320/320px image, that works best.

HDFC Debit Card Transaction Dispute

easyshop_platinum_debit_cardAllow me to share my recent experience of a transaction dispute I had while using HDFC Bank Debit Card.

I purchased something of value Rs 3576/- and let the cashier swipe my card, they made a slight mistake, received a phone call on the landline telephone which was connected to the point-of-sale machine during payment & that somehow halted the process. As a result the print receipt was not generated. But I instantly got SMS confirmation of money being deducted from my account.

Now I have heard if the print receipt is not generated it does not count as a valid transaction so this seemed like a failed one but you can never be sure. But they let me take the goods in good faith. I left my contact details with them so that in case the payment fails I can come back & pay them.

An hour later after I have left the store I got a SMS saying the transaction has been reversed, meaning the merchant did not get paid. But when I checked my bank account online, the money was not back to me. Well that was confusing. I informed the merchant about this.

And then I registered a complaint with HDFC Customer Care. I received a complaint number. I was told to wait a few days. After 6 days I received an email clarifying the process. It said – the bank allows the merchant 16 days from the date of transaction to claim the payment. If no claim is made within that period then the amount will be credited back to my account after that.

I communicated the same to the store owner as well. They were not going to claim the payment. And then we waited.

And true to their words, HDFC sent the amount back to me after the end of 16 days. Next day I went back to the store & paid them.

Timeline of events:

Failed transaction date: 16th October
Complaint registered: 16th October
Received email clarifying the process: 22nd October
Received money back to my account: 1st November

So now you know if you’re in a similar situation then you just have to have patience and wait, atleast for 16 days.