June 2017

Amazon Prime Video

I signed up for a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime Video. I am still on the trial period but its looking good. I will pay Rs 499 for an annual subscription.

I used to consume quite a bit of movies, thats one of my favourite past times. But these days due to busy work I am only able to watch movies or TV shows while having lunch & dinner, so I watch them in parts. And it gets cumbersome to download torrents of things I want to see, find the right subtitle files for them, keep them organized in folders.

Prime Video solves that problem for me, instant access to a good library of HD videos with subtitles, an affordable plan, no extra device required. Additionally not having to pirate anything is a conscience cleanser.

It seems like worth it. Hopefully the collection of videos will grow over time.


Have started using TransferWise to receive client payments instead of PayPal. Its great!

TransferWise takes around 0.9% in fees while PayPal takes around 4.5%. And the conversation rate is great too.