Emmet for Coda is available again

emmet_codaToday I was going through the Coda plugin repository and found out the coding help toolkit Emmet is again available for Coda. I am so happy!

I used to be a heavy user of Emmet back in the day when it was still called ZenCoding & was hosted on a Google Code page. I used to use it with TextMate first and then later with Coda. It was such a fine tool, helping me code HTML & CSS faster.

Then when Coda updated to a new version both of them became incompatible with each other. It broke my heart. I would check for an update on both of their sites every other month, but this incompatibility continued for years, which forced me to forget about it & lose all hopes of getting it back into my web development workflow ever again.

Well let’s just say today I have started believing in miracles once again. This is no less wonderful than getting your long lost first love back & they’re still into you!