First post

10 years ago in 2006 I used to have a blog, it was mildly popular amongst my friends, I was mostly writing about technology tips, and it was also warming up to occasional organic search engine visitors. You see the name was also clever – instead of saying “my two cents” it was saying “two bytes” which was like my 2-cents worth of digital words. And then one fine day I deleted it on a whim, moved on with my career, time passed by.

Sometimes I wonder if I had continued with that blog, what a massive archive it would have become by now! A decade worth of content.

After that over the years I have tried making several blogs on different domains, but never sticked to any long enough. Always ended up deleting them after a few months.

I also used to be a heavy user of FriendFeed until it was killed. After that I could never trust Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc enough. There is something about publishing & owning your own content that these platforms can not provide.

Well anyways I believe its better late than never. So from now onwards wherever I go, whatever I do, I will continue blogging here. Looking forward to a decade worth of content.