Hyderabad Airport Lodge

If you wanted to sleep at the Hyderabad airport, there are a couple of options.

There is a Transit Hotel right near the exit of the airport. It should set you back by few thousand rupees.

There is another hotel by Novotel nearby which seems like a 5-star hotel, so prices should be accordingly.

But if you wanted a frugal option, there is a lodge right within the compounds of the airport, less than 1KM from the exit.

Visit the official website of the airport, click on the others tab – you’ll see the prices:

But that page does not have any more info. We found the rest on our own after arriving at the airport which I’ll share here.

This lodge is on the first floor of a building whose ground floor functions as a stop for people to wait for buses to the city, there is a food outlet with limited menu [thali & chicken biryani etc], 2/3 conveyance stores, a gents barber shop, a HDFC ATM etc.

How to reach there:

There is a (truly) 24 hour free shuttle bus service between the airport & this bus stop/lodge. Walk out of the airport, look up to locate a tall pole with India flag on it, walk near it & wait for the free shuttle bus. It drops you directly at the lodge building, no other stops. Go inside the building, go up the staircase on the left & find yourself at the lodge lobby. You’ll need to provide ID & next flight’s details to book accommodation.

We have stayed in both deluxe room & dormitory, both are clean and well maintained, we have arrived/left in both regular times as well as late night/early morning, staff is available 24/7 and they are friendly.

It feels more hassle than it really is, we took a chance & were very happy to get much needed rest during long connecting flights. We’ll definitely stay there again if needed.

You can also call them on +914024008371.