Security audit, getting burned by LastPass, moving away from Dropbox

I used to keep all my online account username/password details in a free account with LastPass, it worked pretty well, until last year one fine morning it stopped accepting my master password & I could not recover the account. As a result I had to reset a lot of web accounts over the period of few months & completely lost a few accounts.

And now with the recent news of Dropbox’s security being compromised, I started wondering what good are these online tools if they themselves are not safe, and can even lock me out of accessing my own data without any reason.

I had stopped installing Dropbox on my mobile long ago as I have a long history of losing my phones. For that matter I don’t have any useful data on my mobile except Contacts. My smart phone has always been kept as a dumb phone on purpose.

The only place I have Dropbox installed is on my laptop. And I used to live in it, with all my data inside the Dropbox folder.

But now I am taking matters into my own hands. Today I moved all my important stuff out of Dropbox, leaving only the Screenshots folder & folders shared with other Dropbox users which don’t have anything critical.

Now storing all mission critical data offline on the computer, doing daily backups to a 1TB time machine drive. Simple, very effective, easy to recover.