Wow PayPal!

I never thought I will say this but I am loving me some PayPal right now! They deposited some money in my account with the following message:

Dear Merchant, we noticed that there was a small discrepancy in the calculation of your fee for PayPal services for a brief period of time. This difference is being credited to your PayPal ac.

The thing is, few months ago I had noticed on PayPal website about them offering slightly discounted merchant rate [from 4.4% to 3.9%] if your monthly sales volume was above a certain amount. I was eligible so I had applied for it. But I didn’t follow up after that to check what rate of fee I was being charged, because for a freelancer PayPal fee is just one of those things in life that you can not avoid, so best to accept, forget & move on.

Now it seems they might have continued with taking more fees from me for some time, they realized it after a few months, and today refunded me the extra charges taken. I am so glad that PayPal is cleaning up its act & trying to be more friendly towards us small business owners.